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GRP Fibreglass Flat Roofing in Warwickshire

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GRP Flat Roofing: A Great Option For All Flat Roofs

Otherwise known as Glass Reinforced Plastic – GRP roofing, is more commonly known simply as fibreglass roofing, The plastic finish gets its strength from the glass fibres used in its application. A long lasting mix that seals your fibreglass flat roof against all the weather can throw at it.

Weatherproof and maintenance free, GRP roofing is now the most popular choice for flat roofing.

Short term, it is slightly more expensive than a felt system, but this is reflected in the quality and durability of the product by comparison.

Why Choose a fibreglass / GRP Flat Roof?

There are many advantages to a fibreglass flat roof installed by Elite Roofing & Home Improvements:

  • Completely free of maintenence
  • 20 Year Guarantee
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Resistant to cracking from solar damage
  • No heat required upon installation (no naked flame)
  • New timber deck installed on every GRP project
  • Range of colours available (may incur additional charges)
  • GRP can be applied to balconies by adding a non-slip material
  • Can withstand foot traffic
  • Flexible system capable of creating a neat finish on tricky detailed areas

Is Fibreglass (GRP) Flat Roofing Insulated?

Insulation can be added to the roof in the form of:

  • Between joist – using 100mm rigid board insulation, or classic rockwool type insulation. This method would require the installation of vents, which can be installed easily by us, at very little cost.
  • Over original deck – This method is achieved by laying 100mm rigid board insulation over the existing timber deck (old covering is removed first). The new 18mm OSB deck is then applied over the insulation boards and screwed into the joists with 150mm screws. We recommend that you consider renewing your fascia boards (which we can do for you at little cost) when installing a warm roof. This is because the roof deck height is raised by 100mm and would leave the foam insulation visible if not covered by a larger or raised fascia board

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